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The purpose of this blog for me is to learn all in's and out's of the Oxygene product and to help others to learn about it.

The journey begins
 This post is about how I came to Oxygene Pascal.

External link: About the Oxygene language
  Nice information about the special things in Oxygene.

External link: The Oxygene language reference
  The complete language helpfile for Oxygene.

The structure of a Pascal file
 This is a post about the structure of an Oxygene Pascal file.

Visibility modifiers
 In this post I explain the visibility modifiers of Oxygene pascal.

Method definition
 In this post I talk about all possible ways for method definition in Oxygene.

Method modifiers
 This post explains the method modifiers in Oxygene Pascal.

Method implementation 
 The post writes about the method implementation and contracts in Oxygene.

Fields and constant definition
 In this post I explain how to define fields and constants with Oxygene Pascal.

Property definition and implementation
 In this topic I explain how properties work and how to define them in Oxygene Pascal.

Class definition
 This topic describes how to create a class definition in Oxygene Pascal.

Record definition
  In this post I explain how to define a Record in Oxygene.


Future - planned posts:

Nested classes

Class contracts

Interface definition


Exception handling

Async, furures and locking 


external libraries

unsafe code