How to: Create a JSON web service with Oxygene

This Howto uses Visual Studio 2017 and Server 2016 Internet Information Services for the examples.

With Oxygene it is very easy to create a JSON web service.

First follow the steps to create a WDSL Webservice in this post.
Then import the JSON library: Visual Studio Menu - Tools - NuGet Package Manager - NetGet Package Console. In the console, type Install-Package Newtonsoft.Json and press Enter.

The Newtonsoft.Jason Library will be referenced from your project now.

Next, make sure that all WDSL (XML) methods return a class instead of a simple datatype.
Then remove the return value from the webmethod and write the Json to the HTTP context:

The old WDSL (XML) implementation was:
And this returned:

The new JSON implementation is:
And this returns:

The last step is to allow the standard Get method, so you can call the Web service with a Query String instead of a HTTP Post. In the Wen.Config add the following code below the <system.web> tag:

And then you can call the service in the form of:

In this case, the method has no parameters, making the call

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