Did you know that: Oxygene has a build-in obfuscator

One of the problems with .Net code is that you can easily decompile it to readable and usable source code, in any language you like. This is a problem because there is no protection of your Intellectual Property (IP).
To protect your IP, you have to use obfuscators like .Net Reactor, ConfuserEx or Dotfuscator. They are all external programs that have to be invoked after you compiled your program.
But not with Oxygene. The obfuscator is part of the compiler.

To obfuscate your complete assembly, just add the line

to your project, and everything will be obfuscated during compile.

Or, if you want to obfuscate one type, add

before the type name.
To obfuscate one method, add this before the method.

It is as easy as that!

Current version at moment of writing: 10.0.2305
This version only obfuscates unit names, type names, method names, property names, field names and parameter names, but does not have string obfuscation yet. This will be available in a future version.

The RemObjects page about this: Obfuscation

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