Ported VB.Net functionality

In this page some really neat VB.Net ports in Oxygene.

Some credit for myself: Those functions where requested and (partial) implemented by me :-) 

The full VB.Net My Namespace is available
Oxygene has now full support for the VB.Net My Namespace (that I personally like very much).
Just  add a reference to the VisualBasic.dll to your project and the My Namespace is available, just as it is in VB.Net. Really handy - especially when you are migrating existing code bases. As the functionality is provided by the VisualBasic.dll, it is completely the same as it is in VB.Net.

VB.Net WithEvents variables and Handles are now available
The Visual Basic Event system is one of the best there is, just define a field as WithEvents and you can handle the the evens of the object by adding the handlers. No hassle with adding and removing event handlers like in C#.
In Oxygene, this works slightly different then in VB.Net, but the result is the same.

VB.Net code:

Oxygene code:

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